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2023-24 Teams and Coaching Assignments

2023-24 Players Needed updated 8/29/23

Level # of Teams Players needed by Team Total Players Needed Positions Needed
VIPS (2nd-5th grade) 8
U9/10 4 All Teams 2-3 Any
U11 4 11 Blue (Premier)/Academy 1-2 Any
U12 6 Premier/Academy 1-2 Premier/1-2 Academy Any
U13 5 FULL 0
U14 5 FULL 0
U15 5 FULL 0
U16 5 16 Blue 1 MH or Pin
U17 5 Academy 1-2 Setter; MH or Pin
U18 2 FULL 0

To inquire regarding teams and positions needed, please use the web inquiry tool found on the homepage.

2023-2024 Projected TEAMS and Probable Coaching Assignments

UPDATED  8/21/23

Information for Open Gyms and Tryouts can be found on our homepage!!***

Team Head Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach
VIP (2-5th grade Okun) Bambi Burgard Karen Carroll Melissa Reed/Makenzie Griffin Jacque Kneebone/Courtney Ramlow
9-Black (10-4) Lindsay Seyller Amanda Siever Tricia Dreiling
10-Black Cat Seger Jenna Rau
10-Academy Adidas Bambi Burgard Karen Carroll Skyler Holmes Skyler Pierce (student coach)
10 Academy 3 Stripe Jacque Kneebone (co) Courtney Ramlow (co)
11-Black Andy Oaks Cat Seger Travis Plaster Traci Fleming
11-Blue Carly Eastling Grace Eastling Brandi Staples
11-Academy Adidas Carrie Kempf Brandi Staples
11-Academy 3 Stripe Kim Seithel Briana Page
12-Black Brian Tate Keely Hammontree Madi Osterhaus
12-Blue Tom Yedo Victoria Yedo
12-Gold Katie Morlan Kasey Parks
12-Academy Adidas Tanya Durham Mandy Bonino
12-Academy 3 Stripe Angela Cook Javier Jones
12-Academy Trefoil Katy Porterfield Kelli Peterson-Meddock
13-Black Bryon Larson Lori Angello Randy VanNess Brian Tate/Brendan Carroll
13-Blue Karl Mendenhall Linda Mendenhall Brendan Carroll
13-Gold Katie Morlan Eisa Mondragon Kasey Parks
13 Academy Adidas Tanya Durham Allyson Baker
13 Academy 3 Stripe Anna Ferkul Macy Mondragon
14-Black Cassie Tate Eric Leone Keely Hammontree Nora Sturdy
14-Blue Stevie Jo Boggs Lillie Sullivan
14-Gold Christin Mitchell Brittney Winter
14-Academy Adidas Tom Yedo Victoria Yedo
14-Academy 3 Stripe Alexis Shepherd Emily Warne
15-Black Brett Ferguson Beau Barnthson Jordyn Grandolfo Britlyn Sparks
15-Blue Wes Cackler Anna Ferkul
15-Gold Brad Willits Brooklyn Seidler
15-Academy Adidas Kyle South Art Stone
15-Academy 3 Stripe Kody Burkhead Michele Workizer
16-Black Cassie Tate Rachel Milnark
16-Blue Barbara Bell Jonathan Scott
16-Gold Derek Warrell Hannah Jo Martin
16-Gray Kyle South Eric Ford
16-Academy Adidas Jeff Bourn Justice Wingate
17-Black Brian Tate Brett Ferguson Eric Leone Beau Barnthson
17-Blue Eric Stout Quincy McDowney
17-Gold Wes Cackler Art Stone
17-Academy Adidas Kyle South Jen McHugh
17-Academy 3 Stripe Travis Plaster Courtney Ramlow
18-Black Makenzie Griffin Peter Connole
18 Blue Joe Vanderbeek Jordyn Grandolfo
Monday Academy (U13-17) Brett Ferguson Beau Barnthson Justin Franklin/Jordan Grandolfo Art Stone/Brendan Carroll
Sunday Academy (U9-12) Andy Oaks Art Stone Jenna Barnthson Brendan Carroll

We have a number of coaches committed to coaching with us next season but are unassigned at this time.  We want to ensure once we announce coaches on teams there is minimal change.  That said, there may still be a little shuffling but we have high confidence in our assignments.  If you are a coach looking for a home, we are still hiring, please inquire.

"TBA"= We either have unassigned coaches penciled in (but not final yet) or we are still looking for coaches to fill the position.


A note on Team Level:

Here is a breakdown of our teams starting at the highest level of commitment/cost starting at the top.

Black= Premier Level and National Level These teams aspire to the highest level in the country.  Travel is required.  Exception is 9 Black where HOA only has a Select Level (Regional competition only).

Blue= our next highest team, Premier Level and National Level.  These teams aspire to play at a high level and compete Regionally and Nationally.  Travel is required.

Gold/Gray= Premier Level and National Level.   These teams aspire to play at a high level and compete Regionally and Nationally.  Travel is required.

Academy (Adidas/3 Stripe/Trefoil)= Premier OR Select Level, coach and team have a say over their Level and schedule.  Final decision is the coach's to make.  These teams are typically slightly smaller commitments in time and money and aspire to player development first and foremost.   Our Academy teams are competitive against Regional competition as well.  These teams are particularly suitable for multi-commitment athletes or athletes very new to the sport.  Travel is optional.

ALL teams other than U18 (optional) have free access to our vaunted Sunday Academy (general skills) Training (for U9-U12) or Monday Academy (position specific) Training (for U13-U17).