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2021-22 Coaching Staff

2021-22 Players Needed updated 9/15/21

Level Players needed by Team Total Players Needed
VIPS (1-3rd grade All All
U9/10 All 0-1
U11 All 0-1
U12 FULL 0
U13 Academy (MH only) 0-1
U14 14 Gray or Academy (MH only) 0-1
U15 Academy (MH Only) 1-2
U16 Blue (1 Pin); Gray (1-Pin/MH) and Academy (all) 1-2
U17 Blue (1-MH only) 0-1
U18 Blue or Academy (MH only) 0-1

2021-2022 TEAMS and Coaching Assignments

UPDATED  9/20/22

Team Head Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach
VIP Bambi Burgard Lexi Lueger Addyson Mock Lauren McClure/Jennifer Scott
9-Black Bambi Burgard Amara Traiger Karen Carroll
10-Black Katy Porterfield Andy Oaks Kelsey Mulligan
10-Blue Carly Eastling Grace Eastling
10-Academy Adidas Katie Morlan Andy Oaks Aaron Wrightsman Kim Stanley
11-Black Tom Yedo Kylie Gregory Kassie Redmond
11-Blue Maggie Bogart Brad Eichenberg
11-Academy Adidas Amy Friend Courtney Aguilar
12-Black Keely Hammontree Cat Seger Nora Sturdy Stacy Maciel
12-Blue Marshall Goenawan Jennifer McHugh
12-Academy Adidas Blair Rupnow Emerson Walter
13-Black Andy Oaks Jill Fehr Dave Gardner Brett/Stevie Jo
13-Blue Christin Mitchell Brittney Winter
13-Academy Adidas Katy Porterfield Jordyn Troutman
13 Academy 3 Stripe Tanya Durham Eric Ford
14-Black Bryon Larson Lori Angello Rachel Milnark
14-Blue Barbara Bell Carrie Jacobs
14-Gray Marshall Goenawan Meghan Tauke
14-Academy Adidas Tom Yedo Audrey Ledoux
14-Academy 3 Stripe Katie Morlan Allysa Lutgen
15-Black Brian Tate Jody Shelton Brett Ferguson
15-Blue Rebecca West Jordan Jackson
15-Gray Wes Cackler Taylor Cackler
15-Academy Adidas Jennifer McHugh Amy Dale
15-Academy 3 Stripe Kelly Daniels Lynn O'Toole
15 Academy Regional Kelly Daniels Matt Rusert
16-Black Cassie Rockers Brian Tate Madi Osterhaus Madison Benton
16-Blue Kelly Daniels Bre Kamaka
16-Gray Eric Stout Quincy McDowney
16-Academy Adidas Brad Willits McKenzie Willits
17-Black Brian Tate Cassie Rockers Keely Hammontree Madison Benton
17-Blue Kyle South Rebecca West
17-Academy Adidas Lexi Nick Jenifer Tracy
18-Black Brett Ferguson Stevie Jo Boggs Britlyn Sparks
18 Blue Marshall Goenawan Chad Huffmire
18-Academy Adidas Kyle South Karli Riechert
Technical Coach at Large Cristian Maciel

We have a number of coaches committed to coaching with us next season but are unassigned at this time.  We want to ensure once we announce coaches on teams there is minimal change.  That said, there may still be a little shuffling but we have high confidence in our assignments.  If you are a coach looking for a home, we are still hiring, please inquire.

"TBA"= We either have unassigned coaches penciled in (but not final yet) or we are still looking for coaches to fill the position.