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To try out for DYNASTY, Call Bryon Larson 913-645-5716 to schedule a workout.

For additional information on the 2014-2015 season:

DYNASTY s looking for young athletes ages 9-11 for the U11 program. We are also looking for select players for the following age divisions:

1 Middle Hitter for 17's

1 Middle Hitter and 1 Outside/Rightside Hitter for 18's


Eleven DYNASTY Teams Play in Minneapolis at 2014 Girls Junior National Championships

11 Black

11 Patriot Division, National Runner-Up (2nd in the country)

12 Black

12 National Division, National Runner-Up, (2nd in the country)

12 Blue

12 National Division, 30th Place, (30th in the country)

13 Black

13 Open Division, 17th Place, (17th in the country)

14 Black

14 Open Division, 7th Place, (7th in the country)

14 Blue

14 National Division, 35th Place

15 Black

15 National Division, 26th Place

15 Blue

15 American Division, 35th Place

16 Black

16 National Division, 13th Place

16 Blue

16 American Divsion, 31st Place

17 Black

17 USA Division, 6th Place

18 Black

Qualified for GJNC, did not participate

18 Blue

Qualified for GJNC, did not participate