At DYNASTY, we train kids the right way, we treat kids the right way, and we win CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! (lots of them)

12 BLACK Wins 12 National Division at Northern Lights

14 BLACK Wins 14 Open Division at Northern Lights


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All sessions held at Dynasty Volleyball Academy, 7120 Gibbs Road, Kansas City, KS 66106

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2014 Volley-Palooza Volleyball Camp

DYNASTY Volleyball Club is offering a four night series of clinics, designed to introduce young players to the DYNASTY Volleyball Club. DYNASTY prides itself in being the best training club for young athletes. Club culture, club staff, and training methods will be introduced to participants. The clinics can be purchased in a package of four sessions at a discounted rate or as stand-alone sessions. These sessions will be used as one piece of our evaluation process when selecting teams for the 2014-2015 club season.

All sessions held at Dynasty Volleyball Academy, 7120 Gibbs Road, Kansas City, KS 66106

Download the pdf form for more information on the DYNASTY Volley-Palooza Camp:


DYNASTY Teams Qualified for Girls Junior National Championships in Minneapolis

12 Black

12 Black Wins Colorado Crossroads National Division, Improves Bid to GJNC

12 Blue

12 Blue Finishes Third in Powerleague, gains American Bid to GJNC

13 Black

13 Black Wins 13 Open Division at Colorado Crossroads Improves Bid to GJNC

14 Black

14 Black Wins Show Me Qualifier 14 Open to punch their ticket to GJNC.

14 Blue

14 Blue Wins Region Bid Tournament earns National Bid to GJNC.

15 Black

15 Black finishes Second at Colorado Crossroads Earns a USA Division Bid to GJNC.

16 Black

16 Black finishes third in Powerleague Play with an 8-2 record, earns American Bid to GJNC.

16 Blue

16 Blue earns American Bid to GJNC.

17 Black

17 Black finishes second at Regionals, earns USA Bid to GJNC.

18 Blue

18 Blue earns American Bid to GJNC.